Your turf and ornamentals need probiotics to reach full potential


Terradigm is a line of natural soil probiotic treatments that improve quality and resiliency, while reducing carbon footprints. Our experts have made a dramatic breakthrough in the fresh delivery of microbrewed, tailored treatments with proven efficacy.

Reduce your costs by reducing inputs and irrigation.

Customized Programs

Active strains microbrewed into a personalized treatment program that’s ready to go to work

A concentrated blend of beneficial fungi and rhizobacteria increases nutrient uptake by elongating roots, increasing their water-holding capacity and solubilizing organic and inorganic nutrients, reducing the effects of environmental stresses.

Uses: Treatment of established turf and ornamentals

A beneficial yeast strain that makes nutrients bioavailable without having to associate with roots. Lives freely in the Rhizosphere and is particularly effective on the solubilization of bound Phosphorus.

Uses: Initial install, seeding on bare soil, sprigging and grow back after harvest, as well as in low soil temperatures

Delivered Fresh

Shipped cold and kept refrigerated for maximum results

Easily Applied

Low-use-rate liquid formula with greater potency and higher efficacy than other treatments

A Better


1. Safe From The Start

Terradigm fresh “probiotics” are a healthier option for turf and ornamentals. Treated areas are safe for use immediately after treatment and have proven results.

2. Environmentally Friendly

The tailored solutions are comprised of non-GMO, natural “probiotic” blends that are non-toxic, chemical alternatives with even better results—preserving the environment.

3. Reduces Carbon Footprint

Initial data shows Terradigm solutions improve soil carbon deposition and reduce greenhouse gas emissions—promoting sustainable growing.

Reap The Benefits.


Terradigm enhances turf color and maintains better overall plant vitality, with lower inputs and less loss of applied nutrients. Treated turf shows improved divot and play recovery, and faster healing from verticutting and aerification, among other benefits. Treated ornamentals show reduced time to maturity, better vigor and maximized root growth.

Proven Results


Hear For Yourself.


Terradigm had noticeably beneficial effects on our sod fields. Treated acres grew an average of two weeks faster, had darker green coloring and displayed an overall healthier appearance. Based on these results we've expanded the treatment program another 100 acres.

Alfonzo SanchezLake Jem Farms in Mt Dora, FL

Since we began applying Terradigm, our customers have remarked that our sod quality level has improved. We now use it on the majority of our farm and the overall health of the turfgrass has been raised. We’ve been able to lift 419 Bermuda as well as St Augustine in areas we couldn’t lift before using Terradigm. Your stuff works well and gives tougher grass.

David SmithS&K Sod in St Cloud, FL

Terradigm really helped my turf recover from winter stress damage with the warm, wet winter we had here in Florida. We look forward to incorporating Terradigm into our program to help during the blackout period during the summer.

Matt MillsTropical Gardens Landscape in Sarasota, FL

At Green Acres Turf Farm, we’ve used Locus products on our turf for several years now.
Last November, Walter suggested that we apply Terradigm XP since the soil temperatures were still high enough. That application helped significantly with our ability to harvest early in the year. This year our customers have commented that this is the fastest our sod has rooted in.

Gary YoumansOwner, Green Acres Turf Farm, Estill, SC

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